Something happened in school

I know I have said that the exams were over last week, but the works were not really done until I handed in the midterm paper for one of my class today.

Something happened in school to day, not academically related. Well I really don't know how to begin because all I know is "something" happened. Nothing much was said about the incidence from the officials. They've only said a car was hijacked at the car park and there is a police investigation. There is a helicopter cycling the school up above until the afternoon. I've heard different stories from different people regarding the detail of this incidence. Some say somebody was hurt, some say the one of the suspect was hiding in the campus and some even said there was firearm involved!

However, I don't think it is that serious, since our school actually has a very advance emergency notification system. In case of an emergency, the school will send out emails and text messages to every students and faculties, informing them of the emergency. Nothing was send out today, just a slide on the electronic poster board. I will try to find out more detail of what happened tomorrow.

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