Computer Fixed

Finally, my desktop is fixed. It's been down for about two month. For the past two month I did all of my work, including building this site, on my laptop. It is not really a big problem, except for the keyboard is pretty hard to type(this is common on all laptop). Going back to the computer, it is a easy fix, actually. I've been fixing it for all these days, without success, and I feel so "stupid" now when I actually know what the problem is.

For those of you that are interested in what had happened to my desktop, I will explain it to you. (If you are not interested, you can skip this paragraph.) About two months ago, I've acquired a used hard-drive from a friend. He said there is something wrong with the HD, so I plug it into my machine to test it out. Normally, a broken HD will not harm the system itself. However, this HD is quite unusual. After I verified that the HD is truly broken, I plug my original HD back to the machine, but it just can't boot into the OS. After that, I go into the BIOS and check the settings, nothing was wrong. Then I try to reboot a few times, but still doesn't work. Finally I try to reinstall the OS, but still nothing. It appears that the computer just can't start the HD. Until a few days earlier, a strange idea come across my head. Maybe I should reinstall the BIOS. Then that is what I did. I downloaded the latest BIOS from Abit(the maker of the motherboard, it makes good boards by the way) make a bootable floppy(yes, floppy) then install it. After that, everything goes back to normal. Now, as I am writing, I am waiting for the OS(I use openSUSE) to install on my system. I should have no problem with my computer after that.

Today we did not went to Karate. Matthew is ok, he is well, but I just want to make sure he is "fully" well. I spent my afternoon watching TV with him. He fall a sleep while we are watching Discovery channel. He must got tired from "fighting" the bacterial within him.

Well, we have concluded the entry of today, write to you soon.