School has ended

Hello all. School has ended for me, so there is more time to do my own stuff.

Two days ago, I've siphoned the half-finished wine into another container for it to under go secondary fermentation. Then after ten days or so, I will have to stabilize and clear the wine by adding some chemical into it. After that is another fourteen days and the wine is ready for bottling, that is, if everything goes according to the plan.

I have also added a new section, the "Learn" section. I am writing something on teaching people how to use HTML right now. If you are interested, go check it out.

Also, today, I've speak with George on the phone and he was complaining about not be able to have a copy of the email he sent me by using the email page on this website. Not any more. Now you should be able received a copy of what you've sent me when you use the email service on the website.