Two New Toys

This week I bought two new "toys" for myself. The first one is the Sony eBook Reader.

I haven't spend a lot of time reading on it, since I've just got it by mail a few days ago, but that's enough for me to tell you how amazing the screen on the Reader is. It uses one of those e-paper screen that, unlike traditional LCD or LED screens, doesn't emit light. There is a layer of special ink between the top panel and the bottom panel of the screen. The top panel will be charged, thus attracts the ink to "stick" to it. This is how the screen shows text and images. It's perfect, in my opinion, for displaying text. Text on this screen look just like text printed on paper. Also, because no light is emitted from the screen, you can read from it as long as you want without causing you eyes tired.

The second toy that I've got is a new lens for my D-SLR. The Sigma 18-200mm lens is for older version of SLR, so the auto-focus function will not work on my D40(because the motor for auto-focus is build in to the lens, not on the body, in newer models such as the D40). That's not a problem for me, manuel-focus is easy, actually better I think. Here are some picture I took earlier today with the new lens.