A review of my classes

School has started for two months now. Let's have a little review of my classes this semester.

Preparation for the P-Exam(P=Probability) - Math 271

I didn't take any math course last semester, just a little bit of statistics in the Econometrics course. At first, this course is a little hard in the beginning but is getting easier now as I get more practices. Probability theories are coming back to me. I took the first exam this past Wednesday. I am sure I did very well on it.


A lot of coding to do in this class. The only way to learn programming is to code. The class is fun and the homework are fun, too.

Federal Taxation

One word can describe the class and this subject: boring. This class doesn't require any intelligence; it's just test your ability to remember taxation rules.

Business Writing

This class is fine. Although a lot of homework, they are not very long nor very hard. Most of them are one-page letters or memorandums.

Law and Ethics

For this class, I have to read the New York Times everyday. There are so much to learn from the newspaper. However, often, I only have time to read the required readings. Still, I try to read as much as possible.