Automating BackBlaze Backup

I am learning Applescript recently. Combining Applescript, Automator and iCal, I solved a problem that has bugged me for a long time. Currently, I am using a service called BackBlaze for off-site backup. The software that controls BackBlaze can control the upload speed but it doesn't have upload speed scheduling. I was controling BackBlaze's upload speed manually, but that is very inconvenient because the control is deep inside System Preferences on the Mac.

Then I looked around for ways that I could use Applescript to control BackBlaze. However, the BackBlaze software is not scriptable. Later, after some thinking, I had the idea of using the recording feature in Automator to create the part of the script that I needed to control BackBlaze. My idea worked perfectly this time. Now I am able to control the BackBlaze upload speed without digging through System Preferences.

I even created a schedule in iCal and set it to run the two workflows I wrote one for slow speed, one for full speed to let my computer control the upload speed automatically.