A recent article on the Wall Street Journal website, "How Handwriting Trains the Brain" by Gwendolyn Bounds, pointed out that writing by hand will help the brain learn better. 

Anyone who has some knowledge on math can confirm that. Writing out the symbols, equations and formulae helps understanding the concepts. 

But enough about handwriting is beneficial to the brain, and it is, isn't it a basic skill? Being able to write seems to be the only thing that separates human from animals. (Science tells us that animals are quite intelligent; they can communicate with one another, with humans; they have good memories; and, sometimes, they are simply better than human at performing some specific tasks.) I've been complaining about people having bad handwritings for a while now, and by bad I mean incomprehensible. I don't have good handwriting myself, but at least my handwriting is comprehensible by others. Some people I know just beat me hollow when it comes to bad handwriting. They make me feel like I am looking at a Picasso. What is the point of writing if nobody can decipher it? People, come on, improve your penmanships!