Birthday Wish

Today, June 19, 2011, is my twenty third birthday.

I am always interested in vegetarianism. Eating no meat, for me, just seems impossible and in my twenty three years of living I have never once considered becoming a vegetarian.

However, I've set myself up for a challenge this birthday: I will endeavor to be a vegetarian for a period of time and see how it feels. Right now, my goal is a week without meat. If all went well, I would try a month or even more.

As with any challenge, rules must be set. This challenge will only have one simple rule: vegetarian means ovo-lacto vegetarian, i.e. eggs, milk, and dairy products are acceptable. I will be eating my normal caliber, anytime and anywhere as long as the food that goes into my mouth doesn't violate the rule above.

One important note is that I am only interested in experiencing vegetarianism. I am not trying to loose weight, although many think I should. That said, body weight will be one of the telemetry I monitor.

Check back after a week for a summary report.