Many works on vacation

Spring break is coming up next week. 10 days of vacation. That doesn't mean I can rest, however. Many school work to do during this vacation. First I have to read three books for English class, then another book for Philosophy. Other than these, I still have to do homework for the other classes and redo the homework for economic online (I really don't know why I have to do all the homework again). That means I should be exhausted after this vacation. I always thought one is suppose to rest during a vacation, now I certainly have to reconsider this thought.

As the month is coming to an end, I will push this month's posting in to the archive so that the front page will have space for next month's posting. I've decided to archive my posting to Not only it has a good archiving system, but I can also save my posting there. In case of a system failure I would still have a back up copy.