NY Car Show

Many readings the pasted week. Spent most of the time reading books for school, which is very boring. I also spent some of my time reading/learning how to use html. It is relatively easy to pick up, to my surprise. After that, I might go ahead and learn how to use CSS.

Today, I went to the bookstore for a walk, found a very good book called "Linux phrasebook". There may be more book like this one out there, but this is the first time I've ever seen such a book. It teaches you how to use the linux command-line, only. The other linux book that I've come across always put this section at the end of the book, or at least they've show you how to use the GUI. Seriously who need to learn how to use the GUI, everyone who's consider using linux must know how to use the it because it's just a manipulation of the Windows GUI. I did not buy the book just yet, but I will definitely get it later.

Yesterday was the beginning of the New York Auto Show, and I am going there with some friends tomorrow. This show is primarily for the US auto makers, so I don't think there will be much action on the European side.