Long time since last post

It's been a long time since I last updated my website. My time and effort were taken by school works, lots of them. Exams, readings and other businesses. Today I just have a little free time, so I figure I would update the website a little bit.

Nothing big happened the past week, as I said I spent most of the time doing boring school work. I have time to open a Flickr account, however. And I am putting photo there, it's just a better way to shares photos. A you can link to my Flickr account here. I have also put a link at the photo page.

Today, I've come across a very interesting article. (press here to see the article) It is a comparison of Chinese and British math tests given to lower-class student at university. The article has included one sample question from each test. The difference in difficulty is stunning. The Chinese test question is much, much more harder than the British one. I can solve the British test question in two seconds, but, quite contrary, I don't even know where to start with the Chinese question. The article said UK's Royal Society of Chemistry is offering a £500 prize to one person who can provide the correct answers to the questions. So, in case you wanted to try answering the questions, the answer to the second one is 5m for part one, 6 sq. meter for part two and 3/4 for part three. However I have no idea what is the answer to the first question, so you are on your own with that, ha ha! (if you really know how do it, email me the explanation.)